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'2 year warranty'
This is purewell water tank and this is 500 liter tank and this is 5 layer tank and very strong and 2 year warranty .
This is column pipe for us in submersible and this pipe wait around 2 kg and very long life pipe.
This is lijam pipe this pipe us in summer sable and this is available 1 inches and 1.25 inches and this pipe mostly use in villages and factory and this is very soft pipe etc. call now.9557955133
This is high quality steel sink complete your kitchen it is very strong. Sink size 18x 24 inches and 14x16 inches
This is 1/2 inch pipe this pipe used in home and office and mostly this pipe used in home in for plumbing and affordable price.and if you need this pipe. Contact me. Con no 9557955133