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Hello friends this Yash hardware and we are selling u.pvc and cpvc pips and fitting. And water tanks and different different types taps and lajam pips and submersible pips and all fitting. And Showers and hand showers and washbasin fitting etc.
Helo friends This is Yash hardware we are salling all plumbing products Like water tank.and u.pvc pips and cpvc pips and pips fitting and washbasin and steel sink and lejam pips and etc. call now. 9557955133
This is ashirvad pips and fitting ashirvad pips and fitting most demanding and so maney builders and factory owner us in ashirvad pips and fitting because it is very positive result
Cpvc pips and fitting available in yash hardware and this pips use in hot water.
This is T and alvo and both are us in 4 inches pips and both are very strong and very positive result. Call now. 9557955133
This is ashirvad u pvc pipe this very strong pipe and now this time most demanding pipe in India and very long life pips and this pipe us in home, office . Hotels .
This is column pipe for us in submersible and this pipe wait around 2 kg and very long life pipe.
This is cpvc pips and fitting this pipe used in hot water and mostly this pipe used in winter weather because mostly hot water used in winter and this pipe used in home, hotel, office and other places.if you need this pipes contact Yash hardware. Think you. Con no 9557955133